Monday, January 31, 2011

Baby Project, Day 3

My life card said that i might be miscarrying.  Some of the reasons i could be miscarrying is because of a problem in the way my genetic material combined when my egg and my partner's sperm joined during fertilization. Also another reason could be imbalances in my pregnancy hormones, problems with my immune system, and some infections such as listeriosis and malaria that are thought to make miscarriages more likely. A few more reasons i could possibly be miscarrying is that when you get older, your chance of having a miscarriage increases because egg qualtiy decreases as you get older. Also if you drink alcohol while your pregnant your chances of miscarrying increases too. My feelings about this have been all over the place, i have felt so many different things, i feel sad, guilty, angry, and i don't understand how to handle this awful situation. I just don't understand what happened and i how to get through this but hopefully with the help of my spouse, family, and friends i can. Some concerns and fears i have is if i have a miscarriage, is it likely that i will have more? or will i not be able to carry a child if i get pregnant again?

Because i miscarryed some of my options include fertility treatment so i have a less likely chance that i will miscarry again and also i could try to get pregnant again and maybe the baby will be fine and i won't miscarry.  Also i could always adopt and not risk having another miscarriage. These options also could be used by a person who thought they were pregnant....but are not.

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